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Johnson Blocks



If you are looking for a way to get custom manifolds without paying custom prices, JOHNSON BLOCKS may provide your solution.  Utilizing a series of standard blocks coupled together for your specific needs.  JOHNSON BLOCKS can be used to create inexpensive, customized manifolds.

Modular, bankable, stackable manifolds or valve packages are a proven technology used by many, if not most, major manufacturers for the last 40 plus years for mobile and industrial applications.  With modern manufacturing techniques and equipment, these modular pieces guarantee high quality and consistent dependability.



At Datum-A-Industries, home of the JOHNSON BLOCK, blank modules are kept in stock for fast conversion into specials, cutting the lead time to days for many custom blocks.

When building a circuit with JOHNSON BLOCKS, great care is taken in selecting a block to use with a particular valve, since flow paths vary from one manufacturer to another and one valve model to another.  We can help you compare the section view of the JOHNSON BLOCK with the catalog page of the specific valve to be used.  The ins and outs, pressures and tanks must correspond between the valve and the block.

JOHNSON BLOCKS are built from 6061-T6 aluminum and are rated for 3500 PSI operating pressures.  Steel blocks, which will provide higher pressure ratings can be made if needed.

If you have a special need, please contact our engineering department at 763-479-1133.



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